Goshopto Mall Task Platform – Fraud

Reported By: Nes Dangalan

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Goshopto Mall Task Platform

I was told that when I recharge 1000php I will be able to withdraw 1600php in return, I just have to finish the task that will be given. After recharging the said amount, I was given 5 tasks, I was able to finiah 4 tasks but when I came to the last or 5th task, The amount got higher, ay first I still can make up with the balance and then after that it reached 6,400 difference, I already got a problem since that is already a large amount for me. I transparently communicated with my business manager about the issue. She continiously assured me that I just have to make up the difference so I can finish the task and I can withdraw immediately. I asked hwr if that will be the last, she said no and there’s another one after that. I aaked her if there is a way to know how much more to I need to finish the task so that I can collect it at once and have cash back. She checked and said thatvI needed 20,000php more to finish the task. I asked her multiple times and she said the same thing over and over again assuring me that the 20,000 is all I need to finish the task. Come morning and I already have the 20,000 I asked her again ad she assure me again that 20,000 is all we need. So we went agead and submitted the remaining item and to mynsurprise, another item popped uo and it costs 41,165. Now I no longer have enough money and pleeded to them to at least return my capoital. They helped me by telling me they will cancel the next product woth hgher amount so the last item I need to submit is the one that costs 41,1645. I still tried my best to have it but I cannot find anymore source of money. I peeleded over and over again but all they said is they can extend the time until tommorrow. The business manager even lend me 5,000pho but when I firmly told her that I cannot make uo with that 41,165php she seemed to lost interest to her 5,000php recharged in my account. I just want my capital back.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Goshopto Mall Task Platform.

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