Reported By: Joel Jacob

Contact information:
https:// gospto.com/

I talked with a certain guy named “Suasna”(WHATSUP CELL # 09273602820) to my WhatsApp account who told me that I could earn money in just 10 minutes a day on a Work from Home Basis for trying the job he is offering me. Hesitant but I was convinced to top up coz 200 php is not that much money for me and what gained my trust is that after 10 tasks, I was been able to withdraw my first income for via my Gcash account. So that made me decide to continue. However, when I topped up 400 php, he never told me, that as you load more, your VIP LEVEL will also upgrade and expect the price of the product also increases. After reaching the 3rd task, Suasna told me, that I just need to top up again for at least 612 php to finish the task and get my money withdrawn. So I use my last allowance to top up, but after reaching the 7th task, it prompts again that I needed to load more for approximately at 2433.49 php so that I could finish the task. I started to get a great feeling that this is like a clickbait scam so I stopped and told them that the money I last loaded up was my last allowance and there is nothing more. I chatted their customer service representative and asks if I could just have the withdrawable amount of 1452.71 php be back since I cannot proceed any longer, but this representative also keeps on insisting that I needed to load more so that I could have my money back and that’s my problem where to get the money. Even though I explained my side they didn’t grant my request , until my account got froze and it has a -2433.49 for not completing the 7th task since there is a 2 hour allotment to finish the task.
Until now, I still didn’t get my money…no response from the chat representative and even I threaten them to contact SEC or even broadcast this to Mass Media they still don’t want to cooperate and help me.

Please help me and all of the people who are scammed here ASAP! Thanks!

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