Goshopto Mall Task platform – Couldn’t withdraw the fund and commmission

Reported By: Franzel Joy Ramores

Contact information:
Goshopto Mall Task platform Makati
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I couldn’t finish the task and I want to withdraw the amount I deposited but the agent said that my money will be frozen and wont be able to withdraw it if I didn’t finished all the tasks. But I don’t have enough money to complete the said tasks so I want to withdraw the money I invested.

How to file a complaint against Goshopto Mall Task platform?

* Go to page
* Write Goshopto Mall Task platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Goshopto Mall Task platform.

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  1. Deepa Dheenan

    I can’t able to open the web page. How I can able to finish my task.
    The teacher also not replying in telegram.
    Pls return my capital amt 15000

  2. Jose Mari III Uy Martinez

    even of you finish the task they will not unfreeze it. they set the system to give 1 more task.

  3. Kirly De Asis

    I am also a victim here. I invest money. But then i have to recharge again because of the highcost products.and my funds is not enough to the product so i have to send mo money needed. If you cannot finish the task you can’t withdraw your capital. I have 4 more orders left. And it needs big amount to refill, and the problem is, i really dont have enough money to send. I invested too big amount. I cannot finish my task so they froze my funds. I just want to get my money back..

    1. Jose Mari III Uy Martinez

      even of you finish the task they will not unfreeze it. they set the system to give 1 more task.

      1. im so stress what have i eaten that i join this platform..i lost 250k pesos and most of it was borrowed money, i really dont know how to do to refund my money,worst thing when i report to gcash if they can still hold the money back..my gcash was hacked an amount of 26k was automatically withdrawn..im losing my sanity because of this..

  4. Is there anyone here who was refunded the capital when they complained? I was a victim too just yesterday. And I need to get the money I lost to pay what I borrowed.

    1. Kamille Anne Nicose

      Mine too.. i need my capital back i finished all the task but cannot withdraw because they said i need to pay 10% personal income tax before they transfer it

    2. Jose Mari Uy Martinez III

      were you able to finish the task? i lost 35k.. and they said i can get it plus commission and subsidy of 50k once i finish the task.

      1. Jose Mari III Uy Martinez

        so i followed up, i finished the task. completed it. and guess what happened? i lost 66,000. after i completed the task, and after a long period of negotiation, they said i will be ablebto withdraw my money after i completed the task. said that it will be unfrozen automatically upon completion. but it did not… i asked for it to be unfrozen, they said wait for a while. and they came up with another excuse saying that the system gave me a 1 task to do because i completed it. 1 task with 8 entrapping orders. This is an entrapment scam. and i have proven that even if we will be able to complete the task, they will still hold up your money. where should we file a complaint for this? how do we get our money back?

        the number of my mentor:

        the supervisor named himself Jack Jones in his ID and has no contact number.