Goshopto Mall Task Platform – Money withdrawal Scam

Reported By: Ericka del Fierro

Contact information:
Goshopto Mall Task Platform Makati

I told the “teacher” (Arianne Banares – Telegram username: @q8888899) I was chatting on Telegram that the I don’t have the next amount I need to recharge in order to complete the order. Desperate to withdraw my money, she instructed me to borrow money in order to move on with the task. She assured me that it was the only recharge I need then I can claim my money. I borrowed 10k to my friend, still, I was not able to withdraw! Then she asked me again to make a way to come up with 3k and that it will be the last! Again, desperate to withdraw since I need the money to pay my friend, I borrowed again. After that, she instructed me to contact her supervisor (Jack Jones – Telegram username: @amazon9688) to help me cancel the remaining 2 orders so I can withdraw. Upon contacting the “supervisor”, he said I need to complete the next order since he can only cancel the last big order! I was begging them to help me since I only borrowed the money, but they kept on insisting that I borrow again to complete the order amounting to 9,946 pesos! I am devastated now because I don’t have any money to pay the money I borrowed! Please help me get my money back. I just need to get all the money I transferred to them thru gcash! How can these people take advantage of others especially during this time of pandemic. Please help me get my money back. I need to pay what I borrowed.

How to file a complaint against Goshopto Mall Task Platform?

* Go to page
* Write Goshopto Mall Task Platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Goshopto Mall Task Platform.

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  1. Allan Bergonio

    What site did you login.. mine is amazon535. Her whatsapp number is +639264667256/+639264687298..her telegram name is Pacheco, Shiella Ann Bangoy..

    I am hoping to get back my money..and that these scammers get arrested

  2. Nabalik po ung money nyo? Sana maaksyonan po ito. Sana makabalik naman smin ang mga nakuha pera 😭😭

  3. Kamille Anne Nicose

    What site you log in… mine is amazon65.com Anna is the name of my agent… and Laurence is the freaking manager…

    I hope they will be arrested