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Reported By: Saara Najmi

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I had booked myself and my daughter on an Eastern Europe tour with a few friends for the 16th to 24 th September 2016. The tour cost per person was 71k but 15 k extra was paid for .my daughter because she decided to go before the tour on the 11 th sept so the travel agent said it was ok after knowing that she was 19 years old, single, and 12 std NIOS passed and there could be some problem issuing the visa by the consulate because of these reasons . Partial money was collected 50k by cheque on the 24/05/16 and cash of 30k on the 28/05/16was collected at the time of booking the tour .my balance of 77 k was paid by cheque Before applying for visas .
No news of applying for our visas till we were sent a mail by the tour operators Neem tours that the appointment for my daughter’s visa and my friends and mine were fixed for the 25 th August 2016 at the VFS office at BKC.
We went to VFS office to apply to the Czech Republic for our visa’s but I was told that as my daughter Aseel was entering Austria and was staying there for a longer time than any other country in the tour she had to apply for that country .
This was not told to me earlier, as I would have definitely questioned the travel agent regarding attaining Aseel’s visa on her own without any bank balance and
Income tax papers, so I told the Neem tours visa person who was along with us to put my 3 years income tax returns along with Aseel’s documents for her visa submission .
Anyway I could not understand much so we applied to Czech Republic and Aseel to the Austrian consulate as we were instructed by the Neem person Mr. Salaam .
We waited patiently for the visas to come but the Austrian consulate asked Aseel for further documents regarding her financial support, of which I had to send further documents of mine to show that I have property and my 3 years IT returns .
Since we knew the visa was not going to arrive on the 10 th Mr. Naresh from Neem travels who was in touch with me from the very first day where payments were talked about, told me that Aseel’s ticket has to be changed so we decided to change the date from the 11 th sept to the 14 th sept . Her visa did not come
On the 13 th so Mr Naresh asked me what should be done I said I have no idea, I definitely want her to travel so do what you have to do regarding her ticket, Bec I could not say anything regarding her ticket Bec it was done by him (Neem ) on the Air India flight .hedid not msg or call till the 14 th when my friend and me got our visa for travel on the 16 th . How stressful it was for us, I asked him about Aseel’s visa and travel, he tells me that her ticket is gone and we have to buy a fresh ticket, you did not tell me to cancel her ticket so I did not do it, and now nothing can be done, All this talk he gave me . I went with my friends For the tour on the 16 th and got back on the 24 th .
I msged mr Naresh and told him that Aseel got her visa on the 16 th and it expires on the 7 th October, he said the ticket fare on another tour on the 30 th sept would be 50 k extra Bec a new ticket had to be booked .
When I told him it was not possible to pay for a fresh ticket for Aseel and I wanted a refund of my 86 k paid for her entire cost of her tour package, he said I’m sorry but there is no refund available the money is all gone .
I was in shock, I could not believe what I just heard, but still I told him to speak to his boss and get back to me the next day but he did not so I msged him that I was going to take him to consumer court with regard to my refund for no fault
Of mine .
He still did not get back to me till date.

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