OLA – No prior message to me that taxi will not come

OLA/Vijayawada/18 Mar15 / 5:30 AM. Today 10 of us have missed our early morning flight ex-Vijayawada because neither did the “confirmed booked” taxis showed up nor was there even the slightest hint that we will lose Rs 52,000/- in the next few minutes (due to no-show at airport) Later, the OLA guys added a bakseesh of Rs200/- in my account, which was like adding insult to injury (I have a decent business and good turn over) I informed them that I am opting out from their erratic service so please refund my OLA money. But……. They say sorry. Can’t be done. What a lovely business model, don’t return advance payments and don’t take on any responsibility for no-shows !!! Hats off to the promoters for having the cake and eating it too !!

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