Casagrand builders – Fraudulent sale and refund

Reported By: Sudha Arjun

Contact information:
Casagrand builders Casagrand Builders Pvt Ltd, Ulsoor, Bangalore

The builder has sold the property to me on false promises and several major irregularities including sale of commin area to individuals. Based on a complaint, they started harassing customers to agree to their terms and conditions for refund of amount or cancellation of sale deed. I am a victim who decided to return the property Nd I am fighting for over a year now for getting adequate compensation. Post cancellation of the sale deed, the builder gave me barely 15 days time to vacate inspite of numerous requests. Post that they charged me double the market rate as rent when I requested for an alternative as i was not in a position to vacate. They have also slapped various charges and fees on the agreed amount and are now withholding the payment subject to myself agreeing to these terms and conditions and accepting only whatever amount they decide to refund. I feel extremely helpless and victimised, especially being a woman and where i have knowledge that they have handled the matter with men very differently. .


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Casagrand builders.

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