Etihad Airways – Guest Affairs [RQID:169824]

Dear Sir/Madam, My Mom supposed to board to Egypt from Abu Dhabi airport on 08 SEP 00:50 and arrive on 08 SEP 02:40 on Etihad airways . When we arrived to the airport around 9:30 PM, the person at the counter said that she cannot get into the plane because she is Palestinian. I informed the guy that this ticket was booked round trip and my Mom came from Egypt on a visit visa, no need for a visa to Egypt because she is over 60 years old as per the Egyptian Embassy instructions and also she was not staying in Egypt she was going through to Gaza. Then he called Etihad Manger (Etihad Manger name was Fadi) and said that is ok no need for a visa but we cannot get here into the plane and the counter person asked me with a representative from Etihad to go back to my Agency to get my refund without giving me any paper stating why she is rejected but they said 100% I will get my money back. So I booked another ticket for my Mom on Egyptian airways and she travelled in the same night with no problems. Second day my travel agency until yesterday he was trying to contact Etihad representative for this matter but got no answer. This is my 1st complain and request to get a refund for my lost ticket and the cause was from Etihad. That night I spoke to Etihad manager named Fadi and he said I will get a refund. Your response is appreciated and needed because I am a customer of Etihad. Traveler Name : Sultana Hussein AbuZarqa Booking REF: 6JTBHA Flight : EY 651 Contact name: Hussein Abou Zarqa Number :0503244020

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