Etisalat- Failed to cancel the account and keep charging

Reported By: tamer

Contact information: dubai

I have changed my wife sim from prepaid to postpaid on May, later on, July we have requested to migrate back to prepaid since the service we are not using any mre and my wife is flying back to home country, i ahev many accounts with etisalat with almost 1000 AED monthly subscription which is paid always on time.
I have made my request throught the app chat service and the agent confirmed the transfere done but never provided any ref number.
1st of august i recieved a bill for the same number, i thought it is fine it is maybe my consumbtion of july, then again in 1st sep i recieved another invoice, immediatly i have contacted them, they have denied that i have made a request earlier since i do not have a proof. then i asked them ok i will pay and close it please but they asked me to pay additional invoice as the month already started, so i had to pay for two motnhs which i never used.
this has not been mentioned any where when they advised me to migrate from prepaid to post paid, plus we do not have even a contract signed by me stating the same.
there is a noticable abscence of any sudit or supervision from higher entity to those provider and they plays with the customers as they wish.


How to file a complaint against etislalat?

* Go to page
* Write etislalat in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from etislalat.

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