irctc – REFUND,same confirm seats in two parties

Dear sir,
I had booked 20 tatkal seats and 5 general seats from Junagadh to Ahmedabad in somnath express(19222) on 07-06-2014.
I had got tatkal seats no.17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,41,42,43,44,49,50,51,52,57,58,59,60 in coach S8 and general seats no.33,34,35,36,37 in coach no. S10.
Out of these seats,seat no. 21,22,23,24,41,42,43,44 in S8 were automatically upgraded to AC coach and alloted to other person without any prior notice.
Infact T.T.E had also not given any information about it and also didn’t check our ticket.
after some time when we came to know the situation and went to AC coach in our respectively alloted seats,than we came to know that T.T.E had already alloted those AC seats to another person due to our non presence in AC campartment.
we had faced all these troubles in the midnight.some senior citizens were also travelling with us.we had faced so much inconvenience.
So I want the railway company to pay us for these inconvenience.we had pay Rs 6100 for those 8 tatkal confirm seats but we do not get any seats and our alloted seats were given to some another person.

I hope you will raise the words against the railway and that T.T.E with us and make the railway to pay us.

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