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Reported By: Bharath CY

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Tikona Digital Networks

I had taken the internet connection from Tikona for two months in the month of June 2016, I had clearly mentioned two months pre-paid connection by paying 2500 Rs. They gave the connection, I did not get any hardware except the wire[No modem] and assigned me the Tikona broadband User ID: 1117513346.

After two months I vacated the place and I called several times for the guy who gave me Tikona connection, But he did not receive the call.

Later I got a message from Tikona saying your connection is post paid not prepaid!!. I argued with them, but they were keep adding penalty to my account which i was not using/and which was informed me as prepaid.

However in order to avoid torture, I cleared all the amount of 1,372.19 Rs which is really not payable to them after receiving a message from Tinona to pay the amount of Rs 1372.19Rs., but after clearing everything Tikona sending email to pay outstanding amount, which outstanding amount and the mailing me to return the modem I have not received the modem to return, may the executive who had given me the connection misused this.

Please help me from this deception

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