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Posted On: 04/07/2016
By: amit singh khatri

Contact information: trikona

Internet some time works , and if it works then logging in and logging out is a big issue…although i am a network engineer. i now where the problem came from when i told then there u have tio change the device. they igonred and make fool you that sir we ae working please wait . give us 1 day. and after 15 days of my connection i am not able to work on my internet when i wanna connect to internet it shows unidentified network . i logged them several times but they are not listing i mailed them about it but still not working . i dont know wat to do with this i have wasted my money on worst ever internet provider.bull shittype of internet i used.

speed is pathetic….sometimes it works…sometimes it doesnt….like a lottery winner…

TIKONA is worst ever ISP …we had no option , Airtel is not having lines here…now we are thinking of BSNL…even BSNL is better than TIKONA….and they harass me from lat 20 days from when i taken their internet

This is worst service ..thier customer care is even more worse. They just take your complain and do not do anything. It never works and even technicians says it will work like this. They can do nothing about it. Tikona stop people fooling around and return their money.


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