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Reported By: Michel sachdeva

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I got injured and was taken to emergency on 19th Feb 2017 at 11:45 pm where I got Stiches and was discharged at 12:30 am . I got charged 1400 rs plus I gave them Injections bought from chemist shop for which I got a receipt. Other morning I went back to ask for system generated receipt where It was mentioned that i got charged only 950. I enquired more and found that night bill no did not have carbon copy and on the carbon copy it was mentioned 950 only whereas on my bill it was 1400. I was called 3 times in a single day in the hospital to discuss the problem with Stiched leg for which I got swelling too. I also found that on my bill no ( carbon copy) some other patients name was entered and I got his no from the bill too. I called him and found that he actually paid 1100 rs but in the bill it was written only 900 rs. This is case of two patients only and i believe in a single day huge money is made by this organization where there is no account and check up. I also met the higher authorities where they tried to pacify me by giving 500 rs back. Apart from that at the time of Stiches I was not told by anyone that I have to come back for dressing and how and when to get my Stiches removed. I need justice for the harassment.

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