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Reported By: Supri Supri

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I spoke to the doctors on duty in ICU and my frank opinion is they are worst than ward boys calibre, also even if the patient is critical and suffering for hours there is no sign of senior doctors or specialist coming there.

My poor dad fought for his life in ICU where he was just kept for observation as he was an Alzheimer’s patient. They don’t have even basic knowledge on how to handle Alzheimer’s patient. They tied my dad as if he is a mad man. The hopeless Drs. don’t even understand the basic difference in Alzheimer’s patient and mad person. Burn your degrees and throw them in thrash or Raddi instead of killing innocent people.

If there is no caliber for you and your staff to handle such patients then please be open to the family and ask them to go to some other hospital.

My dad had multiple conditions he had Alzheimer’s and sever heart conditions but the Drs there have no proper process or planning or knowledge how to handle such multiple condition patient.

They only were trying to fix the current issue …dad had blood in his poo. For which they stopped his blood thinning medication which is understood but then brain less people they also stopped a critical heart condition patient from taking his heart tablets and BP tablets for more than 3 days. Even after telling his Dr multiple times dad was not started on those medications. (Egoistic, head weighted drs…you are not gods you are human beings and you have forgotten you took pledge / promise to be fair and down to earth person for the needful and sick people)

My dad had lost may be 2 bottles of blood on the first day yet even at 3rd day he was not given any blood transfusion. The 3rd day when he was admitted we were told that he has water around his heart and was critical…sinking yet there was no cardiologist to see him or check him for 5 hrs. till he finally fought for his life and lost his life.

And all these happened suddenly when dad was transferred from normal care to ICU he went to critical state and had to go on ventilator and then he died.

This is a miserable hospital with heartless drs and staff without any values …….. its just one more death and money earning machine but for me I have lost my whole world.

If you want money just tell up front ….instead of killing our loved ones. You all should be shameful to be called human…ruthless people.

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