AIR INDIA – Urgent: Senior Citizen Stranded and Denied Boarding – Immediate Action Required


Contact information:

I write to express my deep concern and frustration regarding the lack of response and the ongoing issues my wife and I are facing due to Air India’s service. MY PNR NO. 5Y7A2O

I am a 76-year-old man currently stranded at San Francisco International Airport, along with my wife, as a result of multiple failures on the part of Air India. Despite several attempts to seek assistance and communicate our situation, there has been no response from Air India, leaving us in a helpless and tensed state.

To compound matters, we were denied boarding on our connecting flight from San Francisco to Spokane on United Airlines. They informed us that Air India had not confirmed our connecting flight, attributing the fault to Air India. This has left us in an extremely precarious situation, mentally harassed and stuck at the airport.

Additionally, due to the lack of confirmation for our connecting flight to Spokane, we were forced to purchase new tickets for $450 USD. Furthermore, we are now compelled to wait at the airport until tomorrow morning, adding to the physical and emotional strain we are already experiencing.

I implore Air India to take immediate action to address the following urgent issues:

Communication and Confirmation of Connecting Flight: The lack of confirmation for our connecting flight on United Airlines has resulted in us being denied boarding. This is unacceptable, and Air India must urgently rectify this situation. Immediate communication and confirmation of our connecting flight are imperative.

Senior Citizen Support: As a 76-year-old man, I find myself in an extremely vulnerable position. The mental and physical strain caused by being stranded, denied boarding, and forced to purchase new tickets is unacceptable. I request immediate assistance and support for my wife and me to ensure our well-being.

Financial Reimbursement: We were forced to purchase new tickets for $450 USD due to the lack of confirmation for our connecting flight. Air India is responsible for this additional expense, and we expect prompt reimbursement for the amount spent.

Overall Resolution: It is essential that Air India comprehensively addresses the ongoing issues highlighted in my previous communications and the additional challenges we are currently facing. A prompt and effective resolution is critical to alleviate our distress.

I have attached a copy of our tickets for your reference, and I expect Air India to treat this matter with the urgency and seriousness it deserves. I insist on immediate action, and I request a prompt response to this email.

Should this matter not be resolved urgently, I will be left with no choice but to escalate it to the appropriate regulatory authorities and seek legal recourse.

Your immediate attention to this critical matter is earnestly requested.


Balkar Singh 8146392768 [email protected]


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